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Royal Concrete Coatings tackles waterproofing problems. We provide comprehensive services for commercial, industrial, and residential projects in the Greater Toronto Area.

With a 15-year experience, we adhere to the principles of safety and reliability, providing high-quality services with a 25-year warranty.

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We offer a full range of waterproofing solutions in Toronto Ontario

Personalized Solutions

In our work, we value individual approach to each customer and fulfillment of customers’ needs.

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We are a team of certified specialists with vast experience in dealing with all kinds of waterproofing issues.

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We react promptly to all customer requests and provide a free of charge and no-obligation estimate within the next day.


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We provide our clients with a fully-transferable 25-year warranty on all our services.

Materials and Technology

We use professional waterproofing materials and equipment as well as advanced technologies to ensure high-quality results.

Competitive Prices and Delivery Dates

We feel proud about offering fair, affordable pricing for top-quality services.

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The cost of the services needed in each particular case will be defined by our specialist who will visit the site and provide you with a free estimate.

We value your time and react to your request within 24 hours. After the estimate is done and all the issues are discussed with the customer we are ready to get down to work.

Tell us what we can help you with?

There are many types of waterproofing and we deal with all.

We have an efficient solution to your waterproofing and concrete problems. With a customer oriented approach, we give our customers more than they expect.


Our waterproofing services include interior waterproofing, exterior waterproofing, and installing a French drain.

Waterproofing your foundation and basement is a must to prevent numerous unwanted problems.

Balcony Slab & Balcony Membranes

One of the most frequent water damages in both commercial and residential buildings are leaking balconies. Naturally, balconies require protection and maintenance.

By waterproofing your balcony, you minimize the risk of further water damage to the structure.

Concrete Repair & Concrete grinding

Deterioration of concrete is a natural process that happens due to various factors, therefore concrete needs to be maintained and repaired.

Concrete grinding, in turn, is used to reveal a surface with a smooth finish so further installation of any alternative flooring option becomes easy.

Epoxy waterproofing coating

Epoxy coating beautifies and protects existing surfaces.

It is known for its outstanding mechanical properties which make them an ideal protective coating material.

 Site Investigation & Condition Surveys

Our specialist will visit the site to discuss your current issues and provide you with an objective evaluation of the works.

What need to be done and options to meet your budget.

Waterproofing for commercial & industrial buildings

Across the globe, in every challenging climate and diverse construction situation, Xypex Crystalline Technology has been tested and proven in thousands of applications.

Royal Concrete Coatings uses Xypex for concrete waterproofing

We use Xypex crystalline technology as it shows the best results in waterproofing, protecting, and repairing concrete. Unlike traditional barrier waterproofing products that work on the surface of the concrete, Xypex performs inside the concrete.

Concrete has a network of openings like pores, capillaries, and micro-cracks which are potential ways in for water. Xypex is developed to go deep into the concrete to seal the openings and stop the water.

The reaction starts at the surface and extends deep into the mass of concrete. Pores, capillaries, and micro-cracks are entirely sealed, the concrete is thoroughly waterproofed even under extreme hydrostatic pressure.

It provides us with a permanent waterproofing solution as Xypex will reactivate whenever the water is present. In addition to that crystalline waterproofing is less costly than most other methods.

Our projects

We cater to a diverse range of projects – commercial, industrial and residential.

Construction sites we work at range from tunnels and bridges to swimming pools and underground parking.

Learn more about our projects.


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